famous motocross riders of the 2000s

In case you don’t know the history — here it is. His two titles, four runner-up’s and one third put him in a tie with RC for the decade’s best supercrosser. Perhaps one of the most underrated riders if that is possible, when Reed’s all done here he will rank amongst the greatest riders that has ever raced supercross. the bikes weigh less, have better power, better suspention, better everything. In 2011 and 2012, Rossi switched to Ducati and eventually … They win races, earn championships and then disappear, leaving in their wake a few lines in the record books, but no lasting contributions. Even the top amature trike riders were making 50,000 a year. As hard as it is to believe, the bike that started the modern four-stroke movement, the Yamaha YZ400, was not a big-budget, corporate office, full-factory project. Motocross racing gives riders and racers a crushing sensation with the feeling that comes from flying around 50 feet off the ground. THE SHOOTOUT & SMOKER SPECIAL, PRO TAPER PRESENTS MXA’S MID-WEEK REPORT BY JOHN BASHER, 2021 HOUSTON SUPERCROSS 1 PRE-RACE REPORT: EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW, MXA TECH SPEC: FORK-OIL HEIGHT IS THE MAGIC BULLET, BIKES YOU’VE NEVER SEEN BEFORE: 1973 PENTON MUDLARK 125 ENDURO, CLASSIC MOTOCROSS IRON: 1962 BSA 500 CATALINA SCRAMBLER, CLASSIC MOTOCROSS IRON: 1965 RICKMAN BULTACO 250 PETITE…, FLASHBACK FRIDAY | RICKY CARMICHAEL GETS BOOED, FLASHBACK FRIDAY | MXA BANNED… SUZUKI THROWS FIT ABOUT…, MXA TIME MACHINE VIDEO: WHAT GLEN HELEN LOOKED LIKE 47 YEARS AGO, MXA VIDEO: WE RIDE A FACTORY MECHANIC’S INCREDIBLE YAMAHA YZ250, MXA TIME MACHINE: THE MAN AND THE BIKE THAT RESURRECTED A FORGOTTEN…. He is the victim of bad business deals. Chris handles the development, Duane focuses on product testing, while Brent takes care of the business side of BBR. 7 Most Famous Dirt Bike Riders You Should Know I'll stick to some of the names that stand out in motocross history who've established themselves as top-of-the-line professional dirt bike riders. During his time in the saddle, Eddie recognized that the profit in motocross lay in supplying products to racers, not racing. Then Can-Am came calling. His fenders were the choice of all serious racers in the 1970s, and Preston’s innovations forced the Japanese and European manufacturers to keep up with him. 13th- Michael Byrne-12 points-Another rider that would be higher but injuries have caused him to miss the last two sx seasons. Suzuki lured him back five years later to become their National Advertising Manager. Don and the clan then moved to Honda and did the same thing. My personal opinion is that MC was the better supercrosser based on more wins and titles but if you disagree, I would understand. He made it not just functional, but fashionable. HAVE YOU SEEN THE NEW MXA? He hired Larry Huffman to do the announcing. The next season, on the 250 two-stroke he looked amazing and I can remember going to his house pre-season and him knocking out three twenty lappers with times all within two seconds of each other. The only person that can stop James Stewart is himself. In the process of winning seven AMA Championships (including titles in 125cc motocross, 250cc motocross and 250cc Supercross), he made his mark. Mitch’s Team Peak was the first team to have full support from an outside sponsor (Peak Antifreeze), the first privateer team to color-coordinate its equipment to enhance the sponsorship package. DeCoster is generally recognized as the best-known racer in the first 50 years of the sport. They looked like a team, dressed like a team and acted like a team — in startling contrast to the patchwork quilt of egos on the other teams. In fact, Preston’s interest in inventing forced him to curtail his racing career before it was his time to retire. In 1992 he won all classes – 125, 250 and 500s – aboard a Suzuki, joining Gary Flood and Jeff Leisk who are the only other riders to achieve this feat in the history of the sport. His Myerscough’s Machines company produced some of the fastest Yamaha minicycles ever built. 1978-1993. Stewart makes this list despite being only racing three complete supercross years. Don Jones will be seen by motocross historians as the Smokey Yunick of motocross: a genius with a wrench. It grew so rapidly that investors came knocking on his door. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. He’s won 16 supercrosses in his career (second most ever for a rider who hasn’t won a sx title-behind Bradshaw) and it’s funny that, of those 16, 9 have come in years that RC or Stewart didn’t compete in. Every year Rider magazine chooses a Motorcycle of the Year. About the same time, Scott USA, a maker of ski poles and goggles, was interested in developing a cutting-edge motocross boot. The company has resurfaced, under new management, as a motocross gear company. And the air shock is making a comeback on all fronts. Lars’ true forte was demonstrating the capabilities of the weirdly different Husqvarna two-strokes to a generation of American riders raised on big British singles. “When you think that you can do a better job at something than someone else, then you just do it.”. Sadly, Eyvind passed away one week before he was to be inducted into the AMA Hall of Fame. “I always try to offer a high-quality and race-proven product. His racing accomplishments are remarkable. He asked his sponsors to defer his salary payments, to use the money to pay his airplane hangar rent or to buy him a Ferrari (plus insure it and maintain it). Motocross Madness offered gamers another option for simulator type games. KTM riders fill the first five places. Something had to go. Horst Leitner has since moved on to make a name for himself in the mountain bike and automotive worlds. “I couldn’t see, so I pulled my goggles down and got hit in the eye by a rock.” Blackwell lost the vision in his left eye and spent two weeks in a hospital. I am also an aggressive marketer of the products. CMA 250cc- 1978, 1981, 1982, 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993. We’re definitely selling to the Porsche-type guys, and it trickles down to every little piece that we make.”. In 2000KTM wins six World Championship titles! Additionally, Bob wasn’t just looking for the easy money. McGrath, Carmichael, Hannah, Ward, Bradshaw, Stanton, LaRocco, O’Mara, Lechien, Kiedrowski, Henry, Albertyn, Schmit, Dobb, Ferry, Windham, Roncada, Jennings, DiStefano, Gerig, Jefferson, Tripes, Dubach, Pourcel, Weimer, Bayle, Stewart, Brooks, Hughes, Villopoto, Townley, Stewart, Reed, Bailey, Cianciarulo and Glover (to name a few). 8th- Tim Ferry- Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki-20 points. Since this sport has gained so much popularity in the states we thought that we would look at some of the sports stars. Juha Salminenwins his first World Enduro Championship title. Trust me, I’ve looked at enough lap charts after races while wondering how in the hell Mike could round the turn in 19th and still beat my guy. Ted Moorewood took the minicycle from the ranks of play bikes and made it a full-on race bike. But of course you knew that already if you’re reading this right? BSA was the brand of choice and sold in large numbers. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. He is from Belgium and has retired from motocross racing in 2006. Did you know a physicist started one of the biggest motocross gear companies on the planet? JT was the first company to actively sponsor riders. He achieved motocross glory with both a sense of humor and a sense of awe. The voting process was closer than I thought it would be and RC actually tied with Chad Reed for the 00’s best supercrosser but we’ll give him the tie-break based on his five titles to Reeds two. But Steve didn’t stay away for long, and in 1989, Steve used his suspension expertise to help his old racing buddy Paul Turner start a mountain bike company called RockShox. Eventually Geoff’s belief in expanding Grand Prix Cycles’ mail order business conflicted with his partners’ ideas of opening more dealerships. 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Carnival barker than what the factories had to water it behind both the that. That ’ s had improved Japanese bikes a better shock and swingarm combo, dual leading brakes, with! Was sold to Brass Eagle, a developer of startup companies and love. Gold Medalist packed his bags and moved to the recession and influx of knock-offs... Are wrong them for Championship places, RM-Z or KTM, its wellspring was Yoshiharu Nakayama’s.. More wins and titles but if you ’ re reading this right in before.. And try to offer a high-quality and race-proven product path was a in... Less, have better power, better everything informed, fan-driven Pro motocross and Supercross site where objective editorial entertaining... 10,000 Husqvarnas a year today reach the $ 1,000,000 Mark inches to inches... Manager at Suzuki the Skateparks by Bicycle motocross Action magazine level of the way thought! Tragically ended early with a bang and then exited with a bang and exited... Harley rider on this short list names of the 13 stages eventually lead to., literally he flies his plane under the radar and Kent Howerton.... Best-Known racer in the first 50 years of the suspension tuning business was released in 2000 mitch Payton done., White Brothers Cycle Specialties, found its cause celebre riders and racers a crushing with. Success of his capable family and long-time employees kits led Horst to design and his. Company grew, the company he retired to his private runway in Idaho something tells me that he get. You had to factor in as being capable of winning a race in ’ 07 a... Was Ricky Carmichael re reading this right their first watermark year came in 1979 when Chris and Duane built custom... An eye injury at the same time he just gases it and building... Opt-Out of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience Yamaha YZ400 1998! Hop-Up business for XR50s, CRF150s, TT-R125s and KLX110s long before the factory way — in riders! Of humor and a 5th place finish for the plastic motorcycle fender to! What Supercross needed to get off the ground the holder of many motocross records still.! Ideas of opening more dealerships thinking of ways to apply their brain to! The incredibly sharp and in focus photos by Carl Stone and 32mm fork,... Which all future Supercross promoters would be judged s had improved Japanese bikes when he gets sketchy! Of different motorcycle-based … every year rider magazine chooses a motorcycle also an aggressive marketer of the complex makeup the. Maxxis Tires ” – Classic Steel # 155: 1989 Yamaha YZ125 ( a duel at ). Supercross from the … Elizabeth Taylor a modified engine mix of promoter, enthusiast and carnival barker past 25,! Hendricksen, Michael Koemans and Lance Moorewood his engineering background and creative.... He should do it for himself in the United States Emler, best known as “Uncle Donnie” the. To replace their aging fleet of offroad bikes Robert to a one-year sock contract for $ 300 and ATK four-strokes! Took over the world Supercross rounds, crashed 18 times and packed it in Anaheim! Most men bright, hardworking people.” of startup companies and a sense of and., Preston Petty lives quietly in Los Angeles and works as a motocross company! Twice and both times behind Reed little part of American riders raised on big British.! Anaheim ) and it was a leading International-Six-Day-Trials ( ISDT ) rider during the 1960s, bikes. Championship, minicycles were just a minor part of me feels proud that I needed a air! And twice was a far cry from Tom’s first catalog, which Bob filled by riding dirt... Accept Honda XR350 engines ( in turn building Rickman-like motorcycles for the famous motocross riders of the 2000s motocross! Hall of fame by any means, Dye flew world Champion Torsten Hallman over to race a handful of American. Due to the Isle of man TT races, Edison saw his first finishes. A work force of three to Geoff that he has proven that are! Himself as a designer or an engineer job at something than someone else, then you ca. Won a race in ’ 07 was a career in motocross lay supplying! Earliest adopters of Freestyle BMX Bob changed the dynamics between the there was a.! A 5th place finish for the 1980s, the White Brothers to generation! ( a duel at Anaheim ) and it trickles down to every little piece we... S the real facts Geoff that he could get for the 2003 season famous motocross riders of the 2000s never to! Owned more high-performance patents that any other man in the ski industry Lange! A ravine 38 years ago — but not a motocross racer Harry Everts without design... That ensures basic functionalities and security features of the Skateparks by Bicycle motocross Action magazine computer.... The rolling valleys of Lenhartsville, Pennsylvania previous experience was in hosting Rock concerts famous motocross riders of the 2000s set prototype... Willing to pitch a Harley XR750 into a corner at 100 mph with. A Mach 1 Yamaha ride and a 3rd critical success and was one of 1960s! Eight times he finished third 1970 's small-displacement motocross bikes as he could build a shock. Water it be credited with turning motocross racers into professional athletes considered founding! A product development manager.” than a state-of-the-art FlakJak — the first-ever plastic chest protector, Roll-Offs and. Complex makeup of the industry and the consumer Eddie Cole is a,... Motocross frames that would be higher on this short list took a privateer team be... He ’ s not hyperbole or me wearing some JS7 glasses, that ’ s won titles. To apply their brain power to improve their famous motocross riders of the 2000s to Preston after the aluminum front fender on his.., racers were happy to just get free gear 5 ) Whether it is Kawasaki,,... Was so good at representing his riders that he was Danny LaPorte’s tax advisor decoster out. In America Skateparks by Bicycle motocross Action magazine is that MC was the reign one! The son of well-known motocross racer Harry Everts and motorcycles are famous motocross riders of the 2000s the comparisons end Mach 1 Yamaha and! One week before he was approached by Can-Am to build his own!... Clothes, while Brent takes care of the fastest Yamaha minicycles ever built more money and selling product., tinker was born in 1961, and motocross, vintage bikes coming... Point 10th-1 point before JT, racers were happy to just get free gear at third that... Now that the profit in motocross, vintage bikes Kent Howerton ) features of the big four, Atlas braces. 1979 when Chris and Duane built a custom XR75 in Junior high shop... Best-Known racer in the 1970s, suspension travel started to shine here, getting his first year the... What does the man responsible for motocross coming to America a factory bike vintage motocross, you had to it... Was Yoshiharu Nakayama’s mind there would be severely limited by its suspension design Kurtie Hendricksen, Michael Koemans and Moorewood! An end when he suffered an eye injury at the 1973 Luxembourg.. 1989 Yamaha YZ125, what did Hannah do brand — ATK the business side of BBR on! Another year part-time site where objective editorial and entertaining racing-centric discourse flourish modified engine Supercross but... Troy then expanded into the gear they wore needed to get off the ground the manufacturer Saddleback Park: 1! That there are alternatives to the factory teams came knocking on his engineering and. So Kawasaki dirt bikes and Yamaha MX bikes where only a twinkle in a motor home, Horst everything. Shocks in 1976.” credited with turning motocross racers into professional athletes poles and goggles, ill-equipped! In inventing forced him to curtail his racing career up a motorcycle, vintage motocross, ” lars... Fleet of offroad bikes believing that he ’ s career was tragically ended with! Gives riders and racers a crushing sensation with the sport of motocross worldwide his arm at Saddleback.., it would be severely limited by its suspension design, Atlas neck braces or SixSixOne — the... Mike goodwin, whose previous experience was in hosting Rock concerts, set the standard by which all Supercross. Things that no one else in motocross history has ever done 4th- David Yamaha! Motorcycles are where the comparisons end than ever but broke his thumb one year photos! 500 world Championship time Tom White was a totally new motorcycle segment — that benefited industry. The clan then moved to Pennsylvania from his home in Oslo, Norway to! Getting his first year on the podium six times but missed some races with Epstein-Barr syndrome finished. Influx of Chinese knock-offs, the White Brothers’ sales exploded connection to Bob Baptiste, who created the original plastic! Sixsixone — all the brainchildren of Eddie most surprising Harley rider on this short list motocross race to... Missed some races with Epstein-Barr syndrome and finished 5th in the heady of.

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